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What happens when every estate agent jumps on the content marketing bandwagon?

Will we ever have too much content with content marketing?

As social media and the content given on it appears to be almost limitless and to a point, free, people are spending more on experiences. Roll the clock back to the 1990’s, musical artists would make their pound notes selling singles and albums. Now we are in 2018, and most music is heard to for free. Those same musicians need to make their money , so it’s all mostly made from their concerts, and merchandise
Wasn’t it Ed Sheeran who said he was happy his music was pirated Artists are content to allow their tunes played on the internet or streamed for 0.000000001p a stream, because by people listening to their music .. they can earn money from concerts and the ‘tat’ they sell at them .. they are earning the money from the ‘artist experience’ .. not the “artist’s CD”
Just like people will have a heart attack if you want them to pay £3 to watch a film on streaming services and will wait, those same people will pay £100/£200/£300/£500 per person for a real-life experience eg a music-festival, sporting event or musical-concert.
The experience is a plug and play memory
…and memories swell and grow when shared with your friends, so one could say, the most influential experiences are shared experiences?  ie watching the football, Glastonbury or watching a concert?
People may come to you for your content, but they will stay for the associations and relationships.
So what has all this to do with content marketing and landlord farming?
Well, you will be pleased to know, I am not suggesting you have concerts or football games
… but instead of trying to get a direct return on investment from your content (ie I put this post out and I will get a landlord directly from that), why not give it all away for no expectation of return … but then get the landlords you want to up –grade themselves to 1st class awesome gilded experience?
Create an experience that landlords want, that generates engagement with those local landlords, which is easy for them to use, highly exclusive experience (so not for every landlord) with a huge level of know-how and expertise
Want to know what is?

The VIP Landlord Club

.. in fact …

The [insert name of your town] VIP Landlord Club

More of the VIP Landlord Club in a future post