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Letting Agents need to be detail orientated people .. its part of the job

The last thing a letting agent would ever dream of being is slipshod, careless, lackadaisical, slapdash, disorganisedunorganised or haphazard

They would never be hit-or-miss .. and god forbid anyone ever thinking they were negligent, neglectful, remiss, lax, slack and slovenly..

Get it right, 100% perfect .. every time

Make it sparkle .. make it perfect

.. but does getting it perfect make it more likely that you will create something significant?

I don't think so.

There's no apparent link/connection or relationship between doing something perfect and it being important and significant

Instead, my intuition tells me the most important issue is whether or not you have truly and essentially done the work to make something extraordinary/amazing/ big-hearted/kind / thought-provoking/interesting/ intriguing and above all …. Useful

Is that why you holding back from doing videos or even landlord farming itself?

Many letting agents (not all) love clear cut boundaries in order to feel comfortable at their work, in work relationships, or to take action. Sometimes those type of letting agents can be bound by procedures and methods and find it difficult to stray from order. Sometimes you can get too bogged down in the small details, making it difficult to see the next steps or big picture. Yes, you have many strengths, bring perspective to groups and tend to be the anchor of reality in team thought.

When something is proposed, you are the sort of letting agent who will think through every detail of how it works and the process. You will make realistic estimates and will voice the problems that they see with the plan or already existing system. You are conscientious and even tempered and will complete tasks you have committed to and will be very thorough. 

You take great pride in doing you work accurately and you are excellent person to analyse, research and  test information….. but because of that …I bet one of your biggest fears is  you  fear criticism. …because  you take great pride in being accurate and correct,

And that is tough .. really tough to out of your comfort zone… and so  you need to learn to concentrate on doing the right things and not just doing things right, because more time spent on that is always better than more time being perfect (but not getting it done)