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You are an Awesome Letting Agent

Something I have learnt recently - that I want to share with my friends. 
Are you willing to be super honest with yourself when nobody's watching? 
We all know who we are. 
Sometimes we don't like that. 
What are you actually good at? 
What do you like doing? 
Because the opportunities are endless in this world. The problem is we are scared to do different things because the fundamental core reality is we worry about what other people think. 
We worry about getting judged if we fail .. but life is phenomenal.
Nobody gives a $hit about you! 
You've got to do it .. own your $hit because it's never been better.
We've got a bigger chance than ever. 
You can connect to billions of people in a second
We can do our thing. You can do your thing
Humans, deep down, are strong as $hit .. we're really f*cking strong. 
It's just we're just being sold that we're not because there's a lot of money in telling us that we're not pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, good enough.
F*ck that. I want to tell you you're the fucking best, go do $hit. 
It's I just want it so bad for you. 
I believe that you can and by the way, not I’m not like anybody can do it. Like some of you suck - I suck at motorsports - really bad - I dont have the skills - but my bro Richard is 'effin awesome at motorsports. 
Some of you don't have all the skills... but you have do have some skills
If you are aware of yourself and what you are good at (and not good at) .. pick a skill you are good at and go for it. I just want you to try hard at the thing that you may naturally be best at because that's where everybody finds their moment.
I love you all