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7 things Letting Agents can do to get more landlords to use their letting agency

My feelings tell me that if you want to succeed as a letting agent, you need to stand out from the crowd of the other agents in your town with your marketing and not fade into the background …

1.     You need to be the best letting agent
…..otherwise you are just inferior and second best. Be the best .. no landlord has every said, “I want the most mediocre agent in the town to manage my property”.  It’s time to aim for excellence. Stop selling your yourself and start telling landlords what they want to hear (because people don’t like to be sold to). 

2.     You need to the different letting agent
 .. because the opposite of different is uniform and standard. Be different .. not for different sake .. different in a way landlords (and vendors) will care about – 

3.     You need to be a noteworthy letting agent
…. because the opposite of noteworthy is unexceptional, insignificant and boring. Its not about brand awareness anymore. If any part of your marketing is about brand awareness – that worked 10 years ago – but doesn’t work now. I know many brands – but I don’t use them – and the same goes for you. Being noticed is not the same as being noteworthy. Running down the street naked will get you noticed, but it won't accomplish much and whilst it will get you a night in the cells at the local Cop Shop – it wont get you any new instructions. It's easy to pull off a stunt, but not useful

4.     You need to an intriguing letting agent
….because the opposite of intriguing is boring, unexciting and unstimulating. Be intriguing by making landlords and vendors want to hear what you have to say.  Landlords wanted leaflets aren’t intriguing…. Would anyone miss them if you stop delivering them?

5.     You need to educate others
…. because the opposite of educate is neglect and ignorance. Be educational .... teach landlords and homeowners stuff they might not know, stuff they need to know.

6.     You need to be a remarkable letting agent –
….otherwise you are just average, ordinary and inconsequential letting agent .. And don’t forget .. remarkable doesn't mean remarkable to you (or your Mum). It means remarkable to me. Is a landlords or vendor going to make a remark about it? If not, then you are average, and average is for losers.

7.     You need to be an extraordinary letting agent –
… because the opposite is just ordinary. You need to be an extraordinary agent but extraordinary isn’t for everyone. So bl**dy what? Most people are ostriches with their heads in the sand. Your goal isn't to please everyone. Either your goal is to be like every other agent in your town (ie average and ordinary) or your goal is to be extra-ordinary. Please those landlords that will spread the word, those want an agent who knows what they are doing.

That is how you get landlords to swap letting agents from your competition to you