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Lettings is Simple - isn't it?

Lettings - Whilst you don't need a Degree in Brain Surgery, it's not as simple as riding a bike either. With the unending array of landlord and tenant law, the complexity of s21, and the dynamics of tenant and landlord relationships, it can be a delicate business.
I will say, though, that our profession does a great job at providing a service that simplify lettings for landlords. 
If it's simple, it's because we as a profession have fought hard to make it such. 
But here is a thought - even if the landlords can eventually come to say that work in the lettings industry is simple; that doesn't mean that the work is easy. 
It's often not the difficulty of the work that makes it hard to do. 
Often, it's not that we don't know how to do it ...  it is  that we lack the courage necessary to do it. 
Sometimes, it can be hard to make that call. To give notice to that tenant, to market ourselves to new landlords for fear of rejection, to talk down a frustrated tenant or pi$$ off landlord, to apologise for a mistake, or to ask for a recommendation. 
Just because it's simple, that doesn't mean it's easy.
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Christopher Watkin
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