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Why don’t Purchasers come back to use us to Sell their Property?

Despite everything we know about the benefits of fostering loyalty with our mailing list (applicants and purchasers list), most estate agency marketing is designed to change what people think or do now (ie the in the short term)

Estate Agents rebrand themselves to get a millisecond more attention. Estate Agents offer discounts on selling fees and when we run out of reasons for house sellers to use our estate agency, we invent them.

If you are playing the long game in estate agency, you have to dig deeper and think about changing how people feel—not just about your estate agency, but about themselves in its presence.

A cherished estate agency brand aspires to change how people feel, not only to influence/manipulate what people think and do.

Vendors come back because they feel like it, because they care, not because we made them.

Like I said a few days ago .. in the coming weeks, I will share with you the techniques on how to make people care