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Estate Agents - Are planning to be in agency for long?

In this 21st Century internet 24/7 world that we live in, many people have started to believe everything can be measured. Everything has a number, be it time, click thru rates, sales, targets, open rates etc etc
Many people are also believe that an action will always result in a reaction.
Estate Agency marketing is now created with the expectation that it will
deliver an immediate (notwithstanding short-term) reward. Look at your marketing and is 99% of it  geared to try and persuade people whom are about to put their property on the market to use your agency .. now?

Of course, the best marketing doesn’t work this way. As in life, near instantaneous payoffs rarely lead to constant and continual results.
Reflect on the difference between the ‘All You Can Eat’ restaurant targeting spontaneous passersby and the restaurant that takes weeks to get a reservation because they consistently delight clients who return.
Is your agency the ‘£10 all you can eat buffet’ … or the 5 star No.1 Trip Advisor Restaurant, with its Michelin star, that is booked up for weeks at the weekend?
When we adopt a short term outlook it changes the marketing we produce. As agents, we elevate our marketing for conversion at the expense of connection. Our attitudes and resulting actions demonstrate that we value quick wins over incessant and unceasing progress.
The awesome work you do today as an estate agent might take months or even years to have an impact on your bottom line… the question is .. only you have the power to choose whether you are here for today or tomorrow?
If you are in it for the long term.. here are a series of videos that can make you the estate or letting agent that is the Michelin star restaurant – not the ‘£10 All You Can Eat Buffet’
As always, that you for reading my article
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