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The 210 Letting and Estate Agent Co-Operative

… an ongoing story of how 210 unconnected letting and estate agents help each other to be better estate and letting agents .. helping, guiding, supporting each other … here we go ..
Video – seems to be the hot topic of the moment (isn’t everything nowadays) so you see it it all the time in estate and lettings agency .. 99% of the time, the video talks about the agent, how wonderful they are, how brilliant their services, how awesome their company is.
The thing is .. nobody cares you, your firm or your services (apart from you, your boss and your Mum – but she would be proud of anything you did).
Would you care if the local solicitors practice went on line and published graphs on how many conveyancing completions they had done this month? How they were part of a large chain of solicitors? Or their solicitor practice opened late or early? Or their solicitors had won their equivalent of the ESTA’s this month? Or the solicitor had smashed their targets this quarter? .. be honest .. no ….so why should anyone else care when you chuck this stuff out about your estate or lettings agency?
Stop talking about yourselves, your firm or your services .. nobody likes anyone who talks about themselves. Nobody cares you have sold 5 houses in 30 seconds whilst riding a unicycle, they don’t care you are part of a network of 200 offices nor the fact your agency has been in business since 43 BC. Nobody cares that you post RM+ graphs showing how wonderful you.
You care, your boss cares, your Mum cares but landlords and homeowners don’t care ..
However, I do know what they do care about, what interests them …. their property
Just talk about the local property market and you will become the big daddy agent in your town or suburb. But how do you do that … how do you get landlords and homeowners to listen to what you have to say. Well the four main methods are …
1. Newspapers
2. Newsletters
3. Rightmove Featured Agent Ads
4. Social Media
If recall, the name of this technique to attract homeowners and landlords to your agency by talking about the local property market and become the local property guru is called ‘Landlord and Vendor Farming’ .. why that name .. because you farm potential clients .. not hunt them.
All the agents who are passionate about this technique belong to a Facebook group called ‘Landlord Farming Club‘. (we shortened it to this as it was a bit of a mouthful otherwise).
Its a Facebook group of 210 letting and estate agents – all of whom adopt the landlord and vendor farming principles and share with each other best advice, tips and guidance. Its like being in a big club and everyone wants to be there – the help everyone gives is truly awesome and I am very proud of all the participants who freely give advice and opinion away for free
The hot topic in the ‘Landlord Farming Club‘ group in Facebook is the use of video to get the message (of being the local property expert) across on social media. Not how they don’t talk about themselves, or their firm or their services
In the Facebook Group, we have had webinar training sessions on the best ways to video, the topics for the videos, how to write the content for the videos. We have even had some idiot guides written between us .. and just look at the results …. have a look at some of the stuff we are helping each other to improve on. Agent helping agent. I am so proud of what we have achieved between us, that ordinary agents, just like you, with the mutual help of fellow agents, can produce videos like these ..

Kate in Cardiff ....

Jeremy in Uxbridge

Spencer in Docklands

Emma in Chelmsford