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Agents: Do Your Competitor Agents Hate You?

Successful estate and letting agents inexorably and unavoidably draw attention to themselves. These estate and letting agents work really hard, things seem to happen, get done when they put their mind to it, everyone talks about them and people take notice. But on the darker side, have you noticed though, that whenever someone does well in life, a small minority of those who take notice will be negative to that person. Their comments to that successful agent will be deprecatory and disparaging... not very nice at all ... and quite often it will be a competitor agent.

The competitor agent attacks the successful estate and letting agent, telling everyone that their work as an agent is substandard and second rate to other agents in the town and quite obviously, not as good to their own work.  (and here is the funny thing .. the competitor agent will mistakenly believe they are the successful estate and letting agent’s peer, even though they condemn and call the successful agent, instead of doing what the successful agent does to make themselves successful). Jealousy is such a wasted emotion!

The competitor agent despise and lambaste the fact that this agent makes waves, that they don’t know their place in the town (or suburb) when it comes to property and agency. They condemn and chastise the successful agent because they are producing results. And it’s the results that are the real source of their jealousy.

The competitor agent wants the awareness, attention and the spotlight that the successful estate and letting agent commands. When they can’t get the awareness, attention and spotlight themselves, the competitor agent tries frantically to bring down the successful estate and letting agent. When the attacks on their successful agent fails to succeed, the competitor agent attacks the successful estate and letting agent personally. They attack their aptitude, their looks, their objectives, their raison d’etre, anything to bring them down to their level.

Yet, to the successful estate and letting agent, none of these comments, none of these criticisms, none of the attacks matter, because the successful estate and letting agent doesn’t care what the competitor agent believes about them. The competitor agent’s comments, criticisms or attacks don’t interest the successful estate and letting agent because they aren’t doing all these wonderful things (that make them successful agent) for the competitor agents.

The successful estate and letting agent does a good job for themselves, for their colleagues, for their landlords, for their vendors, for their contractors, purchasers and tenants. If you are the successful estate and letting agent that gets those attacks from others, all of those stakeholders mentioned in the last sentence are counting on you to deliver the goods, bring the bacon home, to perform the awesome service that has made you the success you are ..... but not the cr*ppy snidy competitor agent isn’t  counting on you to do anything – except trip up – so ignore them .. carry on with what you do that makes so successful.

If you are going to make a difference with your estate and lettings agency, you are going to draw the sticks and stones, the nasty words, the attacks of the competitor agents. The competitor agent isn’t your client or potential client, and trying to please the competitor agent is a waste of time, a task which is known to be unwise, yet is carried out against a person's better judgement .. one could say a fool’s errand.

Ignore the critical competitor agent’s, their side swipes, their nastiness’s only jealously, because they will only drag you down, their poison will slowly infect you and they will eventually win.
Haters are going to hate .. there is nothing you can do about that... they don’t care about you (care as in the nice sense) .. so why the hell should you care about them?