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2 Ways to Run Your Estate and Lettings Agency

Honestly, I do feel sorry for some of you estate agents .. especially those of you who work for independent chains and corporates, because there you are, busting a gut, trying to get more people to use your agency be it home owners for free valuations or landlords with rental properties …. 

You look to your bosses for help and inspiration, and if I am being honest, most are there for, cracking the whip, inspiring you, leading you to greater glory … they tell you of the new marketing campaign that is coming down from head office that will get you your listings and new property targets this Quarter … so next day, the courier arrives with big brown box (Amazon styleee) and huge 3ft long tube cardboard tube (that’s 1 metre to all you millennials) with the posters nicely rolled up inside.

Its Christmas!!!

As you open the box, you transport yourself back to when you were ten years old, bursting with anticipation … opening that big pressie from your parents on that crisp morning of 25th of December, with beating heart .. you remove the packaging, eager to see what’s in inside …to find….

… a cheap microscope and sh*ty science kit

The hurt as a child not getting the fancy Space Lego set, not receiving from the big guy with the beard and red coat the Sega MegaDrive, not even the PlayStation game you wanted … how you longed for Megatron from Transformers … and all you got was a bloody cheap microscope and a boring science kit… your heart drops …  – as the leaflet says ..

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