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Why the reputation of your lettings agency is so important

The repute of your lettings (or estate agency) is important? Yea, of course it is. The repute of your agency is what the punters (aka tenants, landlords, future landlords, hell anyone who knows of you or your agency) expect of you as a letting agent or estate agent.

.... but you cant control these people's expectations can you? 

No of course not ... but these people will still have expectations of what you should (and shouldnt) say or do ... and therefore, you as an agent should be mindful of that.

But here is the funny bit ... YOU are the only person who can control YOUR actions (irrespective of the fact that half the time it feels like we don't) and YOU are the only person who can continue to direct YOUR future actions (especially when you believe no one is looking)  ... and its these actions which earn YOUR reputation.

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