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You should NEVER admitted you aren’t the No.1 agent in your town

Here is a thought, but if you are an estate or letting agent, getting market share is tough, when you might have one (or two or more) big boy agents in your town, taking a combined 50%, 60% even 70% market share. You need to understand you can’t automatically get ahead of your competitors, even if you know you are better. So instead of worrying about you being small and them being the big daddios, you could use this to your advantage.

A well known  example of a business effectively taking an innovative approach was the boss of Avis rental cars in the 1960’s; they understood that as a new business they couldn’t automatically get ahead of their competitors, Hertz, so instead they used this to their advantage

Hertz, was spending five times as much on advertising than Avis and that showed in market share. So Avis’s advertising needed to have five times the impact of Hertz’s. The ad agency came back with a campaign that offhandedly admitted Avis was only the number two rental car company and came up with the slogan “We're number two. We try harder” and tripled their market share in just four years.

What if you said, .. obviously changing the name to your town,  “We are the number two estate/letting agent in Colchester, but we try harder” 

.. don’t dismiss it out of hand 

.. just think about it