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Part 2 - [9 min VIDEO] - How to become a Property Guru

Part 2 of  training series of becoming the Local Property Guru

9 min video .. fill your boots!

(Link here )

Part 3 to follow later in the month of July

Extra Info

So want to know more info about Landlord farming? Here are 4 sources of info

1. If you want to know what you should be writing … these are TYPES OF THE ARTICLES you should be going into your newspaper and newsletters. These examples are from Aylesbury and have been written by ghostwriters (but there is nothing stopping you writing these if you wanted to write them yourself ..…

2. THEN WATCH THESE VIDEOS .. Videos on Landlord Farming / Content Marketing for Estate and Letting Agents

3. THESE ARE the types of NEWSLETTERS you should aiming to make ..…

4. These are EXAMPLES of good blogs

Examples of good blogs