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Why do agents leave their dry wipe target boards on display in the office?

Over the last few weeks, I have been in London visiting agents ... and there is one thing I have noticed that I find very very strange.

On public display in a lot of these offices, for all the world to see  .... a dry wipe board.

No ordinary dry wipe board .. ooo no ... this is special board

.. it has a grid on it ..with everyone’s name in a column down the left hand side .. then across the top row, such wonderful acronyms as MA’s, FV’s, Views, Mve Ins, MTGE Apts, Sign Ups, TT Pack ....  then in each square - a diagonal line from top right to bottom left ... and in the bottom right hand corner a massive  number and in the top left hand corner ..a smaller number.

... then at some other agencies, they didn’t have the diagonal lines, but a small box in the corner of each grid square ... again that had the big number in and the small number in the bigger box

... all I can say is I felt sorry for Steve from on agency in Chiswick the other the other week ... it was the 28th of the month and he wasn’t doing very at all .. in fact I felt quite sorry for him (even though I never met him!)

Come on guys ... you might as well put a sign on the desk saying .... “you are a number for my board .. let me sell you something ... would you like a Views or a Sign Up”.

Hey, here is a really good idea ... why not write down everyone’s personal measurements, or number of alcohol units drunk in the last 28 days, we could even list everyone’s salaries ... no no even better, a running total of commission to be earned this month ... 

People dont like to sold to ... so why blatantly advertise the fact.

 Just sayin’